Album released by Morningless, October 2011

1. Dance With the Legless

Lyrics: A. Doucet

Underneath the dust
Weapons covered in flesh
Bulletproof synergy
Sleeping safe and sound
Arrival of the enemy
Now, go on, show me

Untriggered by a thousand minds
The melting of the core
The heat that brings the beat
A trip into mathematics
Statistically dead
Eat up, this is what you're fed
Eyes shut in the shelter, invaded
Eat up, this is what you're fed

Numb by definition
It has always been
Nothing else will carry on but leftovers, decayed
Everything of nothing seen

Here are the witnesses of all that's been
And they scream for more

A pack of wounded beasts
Licking blades and barrels
I read deep in their eyes
Cured and unleashed

There is an old rusty wonder
Rebuilt as a giant cyber slave
We all whip it together
The saviour not to be saved

Hear the call
Make it beyond the wall

Underneath the dust
Weapons covered in flesh
Bulletproof synergy
Twitching now
There's no arrival
It's already here
Now, come on, let's see

2. Smiling the Hatred

Lyrics: A. Doucet

Movements from a distance
Remnants of my last creation
In a newfound shape
A second skin that fits me well

You... you don't belong here
Upside down mirror
Shall I wake on the other side
Smiling teller of tales
Turn around... Slip away
A wish to the world in my hands
Turn around... Stay away

I still feel the power spreading inside
A thousand tantrums unified
Shift again, petrify
Violent keepsake, pushed aside
When I scream will you hear my smile?

I'm in need for you to be my guide
Electric wind, endless descent
Take the razor side off this wicked crescent
And I need to be the meek
Never to sink in quicksand
My shell is unbreakable

The further the key from the cell
I'm smiling the hatred
The further I stay from myself
I'm smiling the hatred

3. Window

Lyrics: A. Doucet

I have seen every sun and moon
Constant watcher in my lighthouse
Flammable/Absorbing being
Under the rain/Into the fire
On my ship I've scattered waves
I've torn the mist in my eyes
I should be watching you from above
Well, above there's a single sky

I fear this transparency
This doorway in for the frail
Please take the key for granted
Feel free to steal my scales
I fear these curtains to fall
I fear this inner comfort...
To fade away

This land is still ocean bordered
I'm the blind with an air clear sight
Your void stands on the other shore
I wouldn't flood my precious realm

You cannot sleep forever
You'll wake up with the burning fever
No need to wet my feet
Till the water crawls to me
Looking for a far away catharsis
My nightmare starving dreaming shadow
Am I supposed to touch the wind
When I take a look through that broken window

It's cold outside
And if your window is made of frost
Mine's a frame without a glass
And it's cold outside

Lid closing eye
Blindfolds, hiding light
Still healing night
In this refuge of mine

Never dragged out from my magma shell
I set the anchor
And it's cold beyond
I'd never dare to set another foot outdoor

4. Take My Hand

Lyrics: A. Doucet

Welcome to our brand new graveyard
Hope you'll find an easy prey
Dice are rolled
The numbers will slay
You're just a pawn
And the master wants to play

Watch the chessboard with both eyes grey
Shades of green turn to red
Glory, pride, deathbed
Twitching limb, flames to shed

Welcome to the brand new future
Look around, the dirt is so pure

This is the way to go
I'll take your hand, just follow
I'll be the burden on your shoulders
And I'll push you till you bow
I'll watch you shrink as I grow

Napalm sunrise
Now the rain will fall

On the soul field
The gaze of a crow
Dressed in black, died in gold
Plucking names with a wicked grin
The reaping is done

Close your eyes and charge blind
No worries I'm still behind
There's no need to wait in line
The time has come for you to shine

Autumn leaves fell
Next winter shall be nice

5. Shades of Cruelty

Lyrics: A. Doucet

All of these words
Vibrating from beneath the ground
Where a serpent tongue hides
Ready to strike the conscience from backside
With bladeless knives
They tear you inside

Never white, neither black
The songs, they glide and sway
Never clear, neithere opaque
When everything's grey
Promising out loud
Poisonous needles that bite innocent minds
To find the vial, truth elixir
A cure to heal the blind

Deep inside reside the jesters
Floats the riddle, but who knows the answer?
Not me while it's the venom I spit
You swear, do you lie, do you really know it?

II we could only raise our hands to grab the sky
Then tear it appart to break the night
Our fingers stretched to hold the light
And keep it in to enlighten lies

This mask I wear, I forged it
This look in my face, I carved it
This is what remains, the dreams that die
Artificial smiles

Destroying the sole birthplace
To create a shameful illusion pit
A liquid lie now runs through the veins
And shades of cruelty appear to hide it

6. Daybreak

Lyrics: A. Doucet

Switch off the sun
It burns my eyes
For the bitter truth
I'll delight on a coward's lie
Let me march the icy walkway
Where I've never felt so safe

There's no better way to fall

All around, shadows are shrinking
Daybreak's not far behind
A brand new yesterday will cross the line
To die anew...
Still I'll be facing east
My knowing fool's belief
So the star catcher inside
Sees light in a distorted night

I plant my feet in the sky
My eyes reach even higher
There's no such thing as a wall
Between white and white
A view that takes me beyond all the loss of power
And no one will fall if there's no one to fight

Stretch out to touch
The tip of the tower
Rise and fall
A frail empire

I sank and dragged it down
A mute ghost in an endless dance
If you're to keep just floating around then...
At least, spare me your silence
Humility orders to keep the edges dull
To pull back the poles to the center
To nullify it all

7. Cinematic - Proximity


8. Cinematic - Removal

Lyrics: J-P. Bouchard

For those who leave
For those stars shining in a yester world
While daylight seems so bright

Though my eyes wide shut
Dreaming of not to dream
The past Future, shattered
In thousand pieces of now

Letters lost in traveling
I quiet call from the dying
Trying to do the undone
Before the vulture's last round

I don't even want to know
...About philately... maybe

This could be a tribunal
But I won't be the judge
... Anyway

Could you ever make a choice
Between the anode and the cathode?
Maybe I'm part of this
Or are they both rapacious poles

The taste of freedom
An overcoming call from above
A pretext for doing the undone
Before the prey's final statement

And I don't even want to know
... About cinematic... I guess

9. Cinematic - Stranger

Lyrics: J-P. Bouchard

How does it feel to be anyone but you?
Can never reach the truth
A private wall that can't be struck
Who will invade you now?

Self-disclosure response
Kuleshov effect, breath-induced disaster
Who will deceive you now?

What do you see while looking at me?
Am I one of those you can read through?
Blindfolded to what's out of doubt

See you fading, feel you drowning
Morphing into a stranger everyday

How does it feel to be anywhere but here... now?
Can't have you where I need you to be
A phantom, trying to live again
Who will haunt you now?

Forgot about which day it was...
I guess you would never tell
In another life
Would you recognize yourself?
From whom are you trying to be invisible?

Never felt like:
- I was so me
- You where so distant
As you're trying to read
Never felt like knowing a stranger so well